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The 21


The 21

As an exciting challenge, architect Mike Nuzzo has embarked to fit as many great golf holes as possible into 100 acres. Without the restraint of convention, The 21 aptly features 21 holes, many of which are nontraditional half-par holes. A first for the industry, golfers will find a colorful variety of holes, layouts, lengths, strategies, shaping and green complexes. Standout holes include the breathtaking fourth and fifth holes, with the fourth resembling greens and landforms in Ireland, and the fifth reminiscent of the Sandbelt in Australia. The 21 can also be played as two short courses in between or after full rounds. Rough shaping has been completed, and irrigation installation and finish shaping have begun.

Course Map

“Whatever type of golfer you are, you’re going to enjoy the short course. It is going to allow you to play your type of golf.”

– Mike Nuzzo